Juliet Wood

Juliet Wood is a painter of contemporary life and portraits. She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, followed by a post-graduate year in Italy, studying the Renaissance masters.

Juliet’s independent paintings are inspired by the realities of contemporary life, human interaction, and the poignancy of what is so often seen yet unspoken. She has been dedicated to making art accessible for over two decades, through not only her subject matter but the approach itself to showing her work.

She is currently working on a series of paintings of refugees in London, including survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery. In 2013/14, she exhibited a major series made over the course of a decade in the nearby community of fast-growing and post-railway town Swindon. Launched by a public figure-drawing event in the central plaza of Swindon, the exhibition raised extensive interest and participation in visual art among those who were the very subject of the pictures. For several weeks, the exhibition was shown daily on a BBC Big screen in the central plaza, seen by many people unfamiliar with paintings or galleries.

Her portraits include over 150 commissions. These range from peers and academics to scientists, farmers and industrialists; intimate family groups and portraits commissioned as gifts from one spouse to another.

Juliet’s work is held in many public and private collections, including the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. She has exhibited at the New Grafton Portrait Centre and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and has had a number of solo exhibitions.